Kathy Darwin

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Kathy Darwin (formerly Business Evolutions) and I work with individuals, teams and organizations to improve strategic thinking or awareness, process and product through behavioral and process assessment, review and development. In other words, I help plan and guide you to reach your business’s goals. 

I am not like other strategic planners. In fact, I prefer to be known as a coach over a strategic planner. I work with you throughout the year to ensure you are on track and staying true to your plan. I don’t leave you hanging after one “planning” session; I provide ongoing support, communication and expertise every month. Who else can say that? Although I specialize in the Arizona and New Mexico market, I’ve helped dozens of companies across the US.

I am the creator of the Strategic Maximizer® - a high impact process that wraps education, implementation and accountability around a powerful Strategic Planning workshop and implementation process. 

My site is being updated, so please check back in the next few months to see my new look!

Questions? Drop me a line at kathy.darwin@me.com.

Clients Include: