Kathy Darwin | Coach


Kathy is passionate about helping credit unions and non-profits reach their goals.

Hi, I am Kathy. Let me tell you a little about myself.

30 years ago, I left a retail career to pursue something new.  The daughter of an economist, the financial industry seemed like a perfect fit for me.  After 10 years working for a bank I was offered an opportunity with a credit union.  Working for a cooperative was a game changer!

Credit Unions, like non-profits, work for their member-owners, they are a family of people helping people.  I later left the credit union to spend more time with my girls and found I needed something to do while they were in school.  I turned to my formal boss who suggested I start my own business and the rest is history.  17 years later I am doing what I love: “strategic planning and executive coaching” and working in the industries I believe in “credit unions and non-profits”.  Doing what I love in the environment I am experienced and knowledgeable in allows me to continuously deliver high quality results for my clients.