Kathy Darwin | Coach


How I do what I do, step-by-step

What is strategic planning about, anyway? This area of business is often shrouded in fog and full of murky terminology and corporate-speak. Think of word like “synergy” and “paradigm shift.” You get the idea.

Kathy’s approach to strategic planning is different. Instead of a one-time, intensive planning session that leaves you with no real follow-up actions, Kathy monitors your business’s progress throughout the whole year. She works as your partner, coach and holds you accountable to the goals you determined in your plan.


Take a look at Kathy's Annual Strategic Planning Process:

  • Develop a customized strategic planning workshop
  • Conduct a strategic planning workshop
  • Document the outcomes of the strategic planning process and key performance indicators
  • Communicate strategic plan updates to the staff, volunteers, members and community
  • Establish a communication process for Strategy Owners – meet regularly
  • Develop an environment that promotes Strategic Thinking
  • Develop a process for using new information
  • Focus on accountability
    • Daily
      • Listen to and learn from your workforce, members and management team
      • Learn something new
      • Use your strategic plan as the framework for running your organization
      • Calibrate activities with your Strategic Planner/Executive Coach
      • Promote and environment of Strategic Thinking
    • Monthly
      • Minimum of one virtual meeting with your Strategic Planner/Executive Coach
      • Meet with Strategy Owners/Senior Leadership
      • Discuss emerging trends, how they apply to the credit union – Think Strategically
    • Quarterly
      • Review Key Performance indicators with your Strategic Planner/Executive Coach
      • Review Key Performance indicators with your Management Team
      • Review Key Performance indicators with your Board/Supervisory Committee
      • Adjust Strategies based on performance and trending
      • Review, validate and update your strategic plan