Kathy Darwin | Coach


How I do what I do, step-by-step. I assist with mission and vision, goals, value and strengths.

What is strategic planning about, anyway? This area of business is often shrouded in fog and full of murky terminology and corporate-speak. Think of word like “synergy” and “paradigm shift.” You get the idea.

Kathy’s approach to strategic planning is different. Instead of a one-time, intensive planning session that leaves you with no real follow-up actions, Kathy monitors your business’s progress throughout the whole year. She works as your partner, coach and holds you accountable to the goals you determined in your plan.


Take a look at Kathy's Annual Strategic Planning Process:

  • Develop a customized strategic planning workshop
  • Conduct a strategic planning workshop
  • Document the outcomes of the strategic planning process and key performance indicators
  • Communicate strategic plan updates to the staff, volunteers, members and community
  • Establish a communication process for Strategy Owners – meet regularly
  • Develop an environment that promotes Strategic Thinking
  • Develop a process for using new information
  • Focus on accountability
    • Daily
      • Listen to and learn from your workforce, members and management team
      • Learn something new
      • Use your strategic plan as the framework for running your organization
      • Calibrate activities with your Strategic Planner/Executive Coach
      • Promote and environment of Strategic Thinking
    • Monthly
      • Minimum of one virtual meeting with your Strategic Planner/Executive Coach
      • Meet with Strategy Owners/Senior Leadership
      • Discuss emerging trends, how they apply to the credit union – Think Strategically
    • Quarterly
      • Review Key Performance indicators with your Strategic Planner/Executive Coach
      • Review Key Performance indicators with your Management Team
      • Review Key Performance indicators with your Board/Supervisory Committee
      • Adjust Strategies based on performance and trending
      • Review, validate and update your strategic plan